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Stay in a archipelago home like no other

A place beyond the usual, touched by time but undisturbed by change. Full of beauty from the past, refilled with a touch of today.

Stay a day or two

Villa Solbacka is not like the usual venue for offsite board meetings, team building, or small conferences. Maybe that's exactly why it's so perfect.
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Stay a week or more

Villa Solbacka is a barefoot luxury kind of place, and we partner with Scandinavian Hospitality to level up to a private 5-star luxury hotel experience.
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The Big House

The spacious 3-floor 1911 National Romantic building is the main house of Villa Solbacka. The second floor offers 2 cozy bedrooms and a master bedroom with an en suite bathroom. The first floor has a sea view dining room, an inviting living room, and a fully equipped kitchen. In the basement, you'll find a pantry and laundry room, as well as a spa-like bathroom with a soothing bathtub. Each room features a fireplace - including the basement bathroom.

The Old Cottage

The Old Cottage with its rich history is the original house on the property. The first floor - featuring 2 bedrooms, a main room, and a really small kitchen was built in 1840 by a young farmer couple. The second floor - today a cozy dormitory with six beds and a small Tv-area was finished as late as 2022. While renovating the old house, a small bathroom with a bathtub and sea view was built together with a modern kitchen.

The Pavilion

The cute little pavilion is a one-room cabin of unknown origin. Tucked away in the garden - it looks like a lost creamy white pastry. With only a sink and a small fridge, it offers a simple and peaceful retreat from the bustle of everyday life. While it may be small, the cabin's cozy atmosphere and tranquil surroundings make it a favorite among our guests. The short walk to the big house for bathrooms and other conveniences doesn’t seem to bother anyone.  

Get around

Get busy

Villa Solbacka is a place to relax, but relaxing means different things for different people. We got it all covered. Both for those who want to get busy and those who want to get busy doing nothing.

  • Explore the waters with our small motorboat. Or in an inflatable ring dragged by the boat or the two SUP’s. Kayaks can also be arranged. Or take a swim from the small private jetty, the cliffs or the tiny little stretch of sand and pebbles, not big enough to be called a beach, but shallow enough for a little kid.  
  • Get the pulse going. There is our Yoga Hut or the Oak Gym - a pro standard CrossFit box from OAK Equipment. Outdoor and with a sea view. For kids (or childish adults), there is a big trampoline. Run, hike, or bike around the historic and beautiful island of Skarpö. Enjoy a game of badminton, pingpong or boule. There is a tennis court that can be rented on the island.
  • Get cooking in our well-equipped kitchens, indoor or outdoor. There is a large bbq egg, a fire pit, and a small wood pizza oven if you want to spend most of your time outdoors. Indoors is a fully equipped kitchen in The Big House and a small but functional kitchen in the Old Cottage.  
  • If you for any reason prefer action but not to move so much, there is a PS5 tucked away in the Old Cottage, and a TV with most streaming services. For the kids of course!

Stay a day or two

No big conference halls. No audio-visual equipment. No host or hostess. Not your usual venue.

Villa Solbacka may not have a big conference hall or high-tech AV equipment, and you won't find hosts or hostesses to greet you. But what you will find is an exclusive, serene, and unique atmosphere in the heart of the Stockholm archipelago. With three secluded seaside acres to explore, you'll have plenty of space to relax, unwind, and reconnect.
While the property may not be suitable for larger groups, it does offer a range of amenities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. There is an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, badminton court, boulodrome, a small boat, kayaks, and outdoor gym. And with accommodations spread across three distinct houses, there is plenty of space to spread out for both work and relaxation.

For a bespoke and personalized experience, (that might even include conference equipment and hosts) we partner with No Ordinary Concept, a boutique agency renowned for its attention to detail and perfect execution. There is no one better. Visit

Getting to Villa Solbacka is easy. You can reach the property by private boat, classic Vaxholms boat, commuter boat, car via ferry, or by helicopter. And once you're here, you'll be just an hour away from downtown Stockholm, with all the city's attractions and amenities within easy reach.
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